Custom Rim Painting

We specialize in Refinishing & Painting Glossy Black Finish!

Your car can be so much more than a provider for transportation. Since you are utilizing it practically everyday, why not give it a personalized touch to represent your sense of style!

With CalipersRUS custom rim painting service, you can add more character to your auto body’s paint job with matching wheels to go along with it. We can color your rims in accordance to your liking. Maybe you’re looking for a matte black coat to add to your chic style or perhaps you’re seeking a more vibrant color that makes your wheels stand out amongst the rest of your vehicle. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on CalipersRUS to make your car rims look its best.

Advantages of Custom Painting Your Rims:
At our Enhancement shop, we strive to be your chosen provider for all of your wheel needs. In all things wheels, we are your ambitious, dedicated team! If you’re seeking custom wheel painting or other car rim services, visit none other than CalipersRUS!!!

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