Mail Your Brake Calipers To US!

Mail your Brake Calipers to US!!!
Brake caliper painting by CalipersRUs, we have painted brakes from maybe every car in the world, if anyone does send us brakes from such a car, we promise to get a fast completion. We will paint any caliper of any car no matter where you are in the world.

Its as easy as 1-2-3

1. Get a Quote: Fill in the form or call us and know what the service is going to cost.

2. Package them up. Leave your bleed nipples in, but keep hold of your pads. You can call to let us know they are coming or book in via the form. This isn’t required, but please make sure your contact details and return address are enclosed. –Mail at your own risk.

3. RELAX and Wait.Your calipers will be back a few days later.

Packaging your brake calipers:

  • Wrap each caliper individually in protective packaging, bubble wrap or plenty of newspaper will work fine. When we package them back to you we use a huge amount of bubble wrap, you won’t need to use quite so much protective packaging, any scratches or chips in the calipers will be dealt with at our end.
  • Place everything apart from the brake pads in a box, ensuring you have filled any voids in the box with paper, bin liners or something else which will stop the calipers rattling around.
  • Ensure you have filled in the booking in form and look out for additional advice or instructions there.
  • Log onto or drop off — to book a courier service to collect your package, you will be able to send a set of 4 calipers. They will notify you how much is your weighted cost.
  • Call or Text-Request our shipping address.
  • Make sure your quote is enclosed. If not, there is no problem, please just make sure we have your quote information and contact details as we will call you when your calipers arrive.
  • If you do have any issues or require any advice, please call us on 703-962-1179