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Transforming the look of your vehicle couldn’t be easier than with our fast, convenient brake caliper paint services. Most vehicles can be completed in only a few hours.

Add the finishing touch to your wheel and tire package or freshen up those dull and faded factory brake calipers with our brake caliper painting service. Our standard brake caliper painting package includes removal of rust and debris from the brake system, priming and painting all four brake calipers as well as the center of the brake disc, or hat.

What We Do To Paint Brake Calipers

To ensure we get a top quality and long lasting result, we carry out the following steps each time when we are painting brake calipers for our customers.

  • Jack up vehicle & remove wheels
  • Mask off parts
  • Remove loose rust & dirt
  • Clean calipers with cleaning solution
  • Primer calipers with appropriate primer
  • Paint calipers with appropriate paint
  • Inspect
  • Clear coat calipers with appropriate clear coat
  • Refit wheels & tighten wheel lug nuts
  • Lower vehicle to ground

The brake calipers are not removed from the car to carry out the painting process, as this would require disconnecting and disturbing brake hoses and bleeding of the system, which would add considerable additional time and expense to the process.

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Rental & Drop Off Services Available

  • Custom Painted Wheels
  • Custom Painting Emblems and Trim
  • Auto Body Services
  • Auto Repair
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Plastic Dipping
  • Car Wrap
  • Custom Painted Brake Calipers
  • Window Tinting
  • Full Mobil Detailing
  • Rim Repair
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Electronics Services- Stereo, Alarms, so much more!

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Turn Around Time, Care, & Maintenance:
In order to paint your brake calipers properly and allow sufficient drying time.

Once the paint has fully cured, the vehicle may be driven as normal. Periodically clean brake calipers to maintain the high-gloss finish by simply spraying or wiping them off with a hose or damp cloth. Chemical cleaners will no longer be necessary.

What Brake Caliper Paint Colors Are There?

Most vehicles come with untreated and unpainted brake calipers from the factory. They are normally cast metal and tend to rust quickly and easily without a coating on them. We use brake caliper paints specially designed for the purpose that will enhance the look and offer protection against surface corrosion.

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